Longmont Co: St. Vrain
Greenway, Colorado

Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting, and River boarding on Boulder Creek

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The St. Vrain Creek in Longmont is open to all uses from the western City limits (at Airport Road) to Boston Avenue. This includes entering, remaining in, floating or using non-motorized watercraft.

The creek is closed to ALL uses between Boston Avenue and Main Street due to construction activity related to the [Resilient St. Vrain (https://www.longmontcolorado.gov/departments/departments-n-z/water/stormwater-drainage/resilient-st-vrain) project. This closure applies to entering, remaining in, floating or using watercraft in this reach.

The St. Vrain Creek east of Main Street to 119th Street is open to public use. View the Frequently Asked Questions below for more details on the float course.

A new float course (also referred to as a tubing course or kayak course) was created during the creek channel work on the Resilient St. Vrain project. The course is made up of 9 smaller rock fall areas that help keep water (and floaters) moving downstream. This course can accommodate tubes, kayaks or small boats (non-motorized only).
Enter the float course at the designated open water access point east of Main Street. Exit the course at designated takeout points east of Martin Street or at the 119th Street trailhead. The access and takeout points are designated by signs.

Water Temperature

During May and June the water is typically pretty cold. When the water is over 300 cfs, it’s usually in peak snow melt time. That means, you guessed it, cold water. We rent wetsuits. The water usually starts warming up when the snowmelt is winding down.

Flow Range

40cfs to 400cfs is a good flow for tubing the Saint Vrain River in Longmont, Co.

When is it running?

Usually floatable for the months May through August. Weather and snow pack are different every year, so there is no guarantee. You don’t need much water to float the St. Vrain in longmont. Sometimes the river is almost completely diverted upstream of Longmont for agricultural purposes. Check the flow every time you go, so you don’t show up and not have water.


40 – 400 cfs: easy to moderate.   400+ – flat but fast. advanced tubers only.


Yes. lifejackets and swimming ability are necessary.


Please obey any and all closures of the river. They are placed for a reason.


The Saint Vrain Greenway is about 25 minutes from our shop in Boulder. We do not provide transportation.
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