Eagle River through
Avon, Colorado

Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting, and River boarding on the Eagle River in Avon, Colorado

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Easy. A bike path parallels the river most of the way through town. Our shop is a 3 minute walk from the river.

Water Temperature

During May and June the water is typically pretty cold. The water usually starts warming up when the snowmelt is winding down.


Over 13 and good swimmers are okay. Younger kids are okay at lower water levels. Good swimming ability and lifejackets and helmets are a must.


The Avon whitewater park is only a 5 minute walk from our shop. We have twine and straps that will help you strap the tubes to your vehicle. You could also transport them deflated, and inflate them when you get to the river.

Due to covid 19 we will not be running a shuttle during the 2020 season.


All river users on the Eagle River are required by law to wear a lifejacket.

Flow Range

100cfs to 200cfs is a good mellow to moderate level for tubing in the whitewater park
200-1000cfs is a great level for tubing
over 1000cfs is best for kayaking or canoeing by experienced paddlers. The river starts to move pretty fast for tubing. Advanced tubers with the appropriate gear may still be permitted.

When is it running?

The Eagle River in Avon, Colorado is usually runnable for a tuber from about April through September. May and June are the most likely months to experience high water, but timing is never guaranteed.


<200cfs=easy/moderate ; >200cfs=moderate ; >800cfs=advanced

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Rental reservations begin April 15 for the upcoming season.