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  • Quantity – 3.
  • Mad River Journey 156
  • 15′ 6″ long
  • 37″ width for great stability
  • 2 person
  • Gear space
  • Great for lakes and mellow rivers
kayak - Whitewater Tubing::CKS Rental center:: Water sports equipment rentals and sales | Whitwater Tube Company
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Canoe Rental Prices
Over- night* 1/2-day 1-day 2-day 3-day 4-day 5-day Additional Days Damage Deposit
Tandem Package $45 $45 $55 $95 $130 $155 $180 $25 $1100

How It Works

  • Check the calendar for availability Reserve your canoe and specify number of days and the dates.
  • 1/2 day rentals must be picked up and returned on the same day between 11am to 5pm.
  • Overnight rentals can be picked up between 5pm and 6pm and returned between 10am and 11am the following day.
  • Your card will be Authorized (not charged) for the amount of the damage deposit at the time of pickup.
  • You get a free pickup and drop off day for rentals that are a minimum of one full day
  • When you return the equipment, please bring it to the back of the store.
  • Clean the equipment, then notify an employee you are ready to check in.
  • Review checklist and finalize paperwork
  • A 50% non refundable deposit is required at the time of reservation.


  • Our canoe rentals are intended to be used on lakes or flat rivers. Whitewater is not recommended. Experienced canoeists may feel comfortable on class 2 whitewater rivers.
  • If you reserve a canoe that is reserved, yet not marked on the calendar, we will contact you immediately to resolve the issue. It’s rare, but it is possible for a canoe to be double booked before the calendar is properly updated.
  • When you pick up the equipment, you will need to load it onto your vehicle. It’s the driver’s responsibility to check the gear is properly loaded.


  • Please clean all equipment before returning it. A wet sponge is fine.
  • Once the gear is clean, bring it to the back entrance of our store. Notify an employee you are ready to check in gear. They will check all equipment for damage. If there is damage, your security deposit will be held until the cost of repairs are determined. At that point, you will be notified of charges, and they will be added to your card. Then the security deposit authorization will be lifted.
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Rental reservations begin April 15 for the upcoming season.