Boulder Creek –
Boulder, Colorado

Tubing, Kayaking, Rafting, and River Boarding on Boulder Creek

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Easy. A bike path parallels the creek the entire way. You can get in and out anywhere along that path. There are numerous cross streets where you can find parking. You can start as high as Eben G. Fine park and float to the east side of town at 55th street. Use caution anytime you are on the creek. Conditions change daily. Don’t tube upstream of Eben G. Fine whitewater park. Steep, rocky, class V rapids exist. That is where people most commonly get hurt.

Water Temperature

During May and June the water is typically pretty cold. When the water is over 300 cfs, it’s usually in peak snow melt time. That means, you guessed it, cold water. We rent wetsuits. The water usually starts warming up when the snowmelt is winding down.


We do NOT offer a shuttle service. It is usually not necessary if you have a vehicle. Most people do not tube miles down the creek since it is white water tubing and not a lazy river. We have twine you can use to tie the tubes to your car but you want to drive under 35 mph so the twine does not break. You can deflate the tubes to return them to the shop. The bike bath runs parallel to the creek and you can walk back to your starting point. If you do not have a vehicle most ride share drivers will allow us to tie tubes to the top of their vehicles. Parking is available at Eben G. Fine Park, Boulder Public Library, Boulder High School and Boulder Municipal Court parking lot (weekends only).


Over 13 and good swimmers are okay. Younger kids are okay at lower water levels. Good swimming ability and lifejackets and helmets are a must.

Flow Range

40cfs to 100cfs is a good mellow to moderate level for tubing in the Eben G. Fine whitewater park.
100-200cfs is a great level for tubing from Eben G. Fine all the way through town.
200-300cfs is great for floating from 6th street down to 30th or from 55th to 75th. The Whitewater Park gets pretty stompy, and getting flipped off the tube is almost guaranteed, unless you are a professional tuber like Rolf Kelly or Sean Lee.
300-700cfs: Over 300cfs – We do not rent tubes when flows are over 300cfs

When is it running?

Usually floatable from April through August. Weather and snow pack are different every year, so there is no guarantee. You don’t need much water to float in Eben G. Fine whitewater park. The whitewater park has man made features that help channelize and pool up the water, making it fun even at very low water.


When the creek surpasses 700cfs, the Sheriff’s department closes the creek to tubers. Please obey these closures. They are made for a good reason. If Boulder Creek is closed, the Saint Vrain in Lyons may be a great alternative.


<200cfs = easy ; >200cfs = intermediate/advanced >300cfs = advanced

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