Learn To Stand Up Paddle Board: If you are looking to learn how to Stand Up Paddle, Downstream Edge Guides are providing excellent clinics for beginners on the Front Range of Colorado. Their great instructors will teach you the basics of paddle boarding and make sure you have what it takes to go out on your own. We offer 2- hour SUP clinics. In a typical 2-hour clinic, you will develop your paddle boarding skills by working on the following skills and more:

  • knee paddling
  • standing up and positioning for best balance and performance
  • forward stroke
  • sweep stroke (for turning)
  • reverse sweep
  • bracing
  • pivot turns (more advanced students)

The instructor will also be able to help advise you on gear if you are interested in purchasing.

Classes available upon reservations.

Classes are held at Boulder Reservoir, Macintosh Lake, or Gross Reservoir. Your instructor will inform you of the location.


Swimming ability is highly recommended, as this class is on the water. This class is great for all ages. The workout you will get by Stand Up Paddling is based directly on the amount of energy you put into. You can easily paddle around without exerting yourself or you can pull on the paddle and get a great workout.
What to Expect
This class is designed to expose you to a new sport and teach you the proper technique to excel in Stand Up Paddling, (SUP). Your instructor will teach you about the design/shape of a SUP board and how this effects performance and stability. They will go over stretches for paddling, safety considerations, self rescue techniques, proper technique to stand on your board, and paddling technique. You will be up and paddling around the lake during this class. Your instructor will continue to give you pointers as you paddle and turn your board. At the completion of this course, you will have the knowledge and skill to be a SUP Paddler.
Will I get wet?
To get onto your board, you will need to walk out into the water to about knee deep, so your feet and calves will get wet when you enter and exit the lake with your board. Please bring footwear that can get wet. Wetsuit boots, sandals with a heel attachment, or bare feet all work depending on the time of year and water/air temperatures. We use very stable boards for this class, but when you’re first learning how to be a Stand Up Paddler, you may fall in. This is part of the learning curve and does not happen to everyone. Please be prepared based on water and air temperatures for a quick dunk in the lake.
* Gear that is included in our lake class: Stand Up Paddleboard, paddle, lifejacket. Please bring appropriate clothing for this class.
Refund Policies: 50% of the class fee is non-refundable at the time the reservation is made. Classes canceled 48 hours or more in advance are able to be rescheduled (subject to availability) without penalty. Within 48 hours of the class start time, funds are committed and you will be charged for the class. If the class is canceled due to weather, etc. you will have the option of reschedule or refund.

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