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Guided Trips: Want to get out on the water, but don’t know where to go? Downstream Edge Guides have been exploring Colorado for over 10 years, and they know where the best adventures await. DSE Guides are fun, knowledgeable, and prioritize safety over all else. They will do everything they can to make your adventure everything you hoped it would be. They’ll make sure you get the basics of paddling, then they’ll take you on a great adventure around an alpine mountain lake to get some fun paddling in, see wildlife, and go on unique side hikes along rivers and creeks flowing into the lake.
Stand Up Paddling(SUP): Stand Up Paddling is taking the world by force. It’s fun, simple, and it’s a great way to paddle. The learning curve is quick once you get on a board, so taking a full lesson is not really necessary to have a fun day. If you want to get on a SUP board and go to a beautiful lake to go paddling, then a guided trip with a Downstream Edge Guide is the thing for you.
Canoeing: Many of the classic American childhood memories started in the seat of a canoe. We aim to keep that tradition alive. Hire a Downstream Edge Guide to take you on a wonderful canoe trip to help create some of those memories for you and your family. The guides will be sure you know the basics of paddling a canoe, then it’s off on an adventure to see beautiful Colorado scenery, wildlife, and enjoy nature. Overnight canoe trips are also available and you are welcome to bring fishing gear to fish from the canoe. Just be sure you have your fishing license.
Kayaking: Downstream Edge employs only the top kayak guides in the state of Colorado. DSE guides can take you for a scenic lake tour in a lake or sea kayak, or they can guide you on a whitewater run if you are an experienced whitewater paddler. If you are a beginner looking to get into whitewater kayaking, DSE guides offers kayak instruction courses as well.
Tubing: Want to go tubing, but not sure where to go? Downstream Edge Guides can lead you on a fun and safe tubing trip on Boulder Creek, Saint Vrain River, or Clear Creek. The guides always know the best sections of creek to float at certain times of the year. They are also trained in river rescue and first aid, and are extremely knowledgeable about Colorado and our rivers and landscapes.
Rafting: Downstream Edge Guides will be offering guided rafting trips on Boulder Creek when flows are adequate for rafting. Boulder Creek is an extremely fun creek for rafting, and it flows right through town. There are many fun rapids throughout the entire section.

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