Frequently Asked Questions
1. Is there a shuttle service that transports us to the river?
A: We offer a shuttle service up that will take you and your gear to your desired drop in spot. The fee for the shuttle is $10 per person. Also, our shop is located right next to Boulder Creek. You can easily walk to the creek and walk along the bike path to get further upstream. You can start upstream and float back to our shop, or you can start near the shop and float further downstream, and walk back. You can also walk or drive up to Eben G. Fine park and take laps in the whitewater park, then float back to the shop. You can also drive with the tubes to any of the access points and park. If your group has two vehicles, you can drop one vehicle at the point of take out, that way you have a car waiting for you at the end. We rent pumps, so you can rent the tubes deflated and inflate them when you get to the creek. We also offer gear deliveries. Click here for more information on deliveries.
2. Do you have guides?
A: We rent or sell you the tubes, and you and your group can go have fun on your own. Just be smart, and follow our safety recommendations. If you want to do a guided Stand up Paddle board, Tube, Kayak, canoe, or Ducky trip, click here for more information on guided trips.
3. Are there age restrictions?
A: No, but we do have some rough guidelines to follow. First of all, anyone tubing should be a good swimmer. This isn’t a lazy river with lifeguards. All the creeks and rivers in our area that are good for tubing have some whitewater. Boulder creek is not recommended for kids under 13 unless the flow is below 75 cfs. The St. Vrain in Lyons is good for younger kids, but swimming ability is still a must. Clear creek in Golden is good for kids at flows below 300 cfs. Swimming ability is a must, once again. Also, we strongly recommend life jackets and PFD’s for kids. The creeks around us are real creeks, with real rocks. And rocks hurt. Don’t sacrifice safety (our helmets looks really cool anyway). Tubing is really fun, and we rarely hear of incidents. We really want all of our customers and anyone recreating in the rivers an creeks to be safe, and respect the river and have fun out there!
4. What is the best water flow for tubing?
A: It depends. Check out our tubing guide for more info on flows: Where to go tubing
5. What does CFS mean?
A: It means Cubic Feet per Second. It’s a way of measuring water flow in a river or creek. If a creek is running at 200cfs, you can imagine 200 basketballs full of water flowing past a given point in a second. To give an idea of river flow, Boulder Creek, which is pretty small, runs between 100 and 200 cfs during the summer. During spring runoff, it can get up to flows over 1,000 cfs. An average flow in the Grand Canyon is about 10,000 cfs (since the dam was built. Before that it got up to 100,000 or 200,000cfs on an annual basis) Average spring flow on a small-medium sized river such as the Eagle River near Avon, Colorado is about 2,000-5,000 cfs.
6. Are alcoholic beverages allowed at the creek?
A: Not without a permit. See the City of Boulder’s website for information.
7. Can we bring a cooler down the creek with us in a tube?
A: We definitely do not recommended this for safety reasons.
7. Where should we go to eat/drink afterward?
A: FATE Brewing Company is right across the street. They have a great food selection and really good house-brewed micro brews.

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